Therapy for Divorce

How will therapy help me deal with my divorce?

These are some of the areas that we will address together:

Facing the reality of divorce.

Divorce can feel like a harsh reality, one you’d rather not think about, let alone come to therapy and talk about. You may want to hide under the covers and pretend it didn’t happen. Except you know that you have to come out of bed eventually. Life has a way of marching on, even when you’d rather not.

Identifying and acknowledging all of the complicated feelings that happen after divorce.

Some days you may feel like Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to your emotions. There is a lot to deal with here. The end of a relationship has a way of triggering our big feelings and insecurity like almost nothing else. Dealing with your own emotions in therapy frees you up to be there emotionally for your kids.

Letting yourself off the hook that you couldn’t save your marriage.

You can drive yourself crazy with the what ifs, wondering what you could have done differently so that you wouldn’t be dealing with the aftermath of a divorce. While it’s a normal part of the process, looking in the rearview mirror too long means we don’t see what’s right in front of us in the present.

Dealing with the loss of the dream you had of a happy marriage and an intact family.

This isn’t what you had in mind when you walked down the aisle in the white dress. You had dreams of happily ever after, family vacations together, traveling together in retirement, the whole nine yards. Acknowledging the loss of what never gets a chance to happen is necessary.

Accepting that life for you has changed.

Yes, divorce changes your life. And it changes you. The good news is that when you come to therapy and intentionally deal with the divorce, you get to decide how it changes you.

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