Back in December, I published a post on bouncing back from setbacks and transitions; and in that post I suggested that it takes time, and to give yourself the GIFT of time. I really love this idea that time is a GIFT that you give yourself. But, HOW do you give yourself this gift?

A lot of the clients that I see are going through a MAJOR life transition – they are getting divorced. Going through a divorce can make time feel more like a THIEF than a GIFT. It can feel like your time, and your LIFE, is out of your control. There are often other people making decisions about your time: when you have to show up for court, when you get to see your kids. How do you give yourself the GIFT of time when it feels so out of your control?

It helps to START SMALL. I mean, really small. As small as taking a moment to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. In fact, let’s try that right now. Close your eyes, and send a breath deep into your belly, then a few more. How does that feel? It may feel really good or it may feel sort of strange. Either way, it’s a start.

Your breath is a tool that you always have at the ready. And when you bring your attention to your breath, you come into your body. And you also come into the here and now, in this moment. When you come into this moment, you GIFT yourself with this moment in time.

You may be saying, okay, yeah, that’s nice, but does it really change anything for me? Only YOU can decide the answer to that question. If you are open to seeing the possibility that you can GIFT yourself with time, starting with this moment, and that it can create CHANGE, then it can!

Once you have started, you can build from there. Maybe next you give yourself 5 minutes to sit with a cup of tea, and then maybe 10 minutes to walk outside. But, it all starts with a MOMENT in time.

You have the POWER to choose to give yourself the GIFT of time, starting with this moment. What will you do?

As always, feel free to reach out to me for individualized support.

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