My wish for YOU

I can picture it so clearly in my mind:  It’s dark outside, early evening in December, the snow is lightly falling, and my Mom and I are walking ARM IN ARM to the special house that has the all the pretty Christmas lights.  And, I had that little flutter of excitement in my heart.  You know, that kind of hopefulness...[ read more ]

Cultivating Self Compassion

Cultivating Self Compassion  Today is a hard day for me.  It’s my son’s first day of summer camp.  These transitions are not easy for me.  I worry when my son is in a new environment.   I can look back on all of the other times that he has started something new.  Typically, he is okay.  He adjusts well to...[ read more ]

How to Give Yourself the Gift of Time

Back in December, I published a post on bouncing back from setbacks and transitions; and in that post I suggested that it takes time, and to give yourself the GIFT of time. I really love this idea that time is a GIFT that you give yourself. But, HOW do you give yourself this gift? A lot of the clients that...[ read more ]

3 Tips for Bouncing Back after Setbacks and Transitions

I was recently asked to share my 3 tips for bouncing back after setbacks and transitions. When I think about it, the biggest transition in my life was definitely becoming a mom. Everything is either “before my son was born” or “after my son was born”. That’s how it works with the big stuff. It becomes a mile marker in...[ read more ]

Holidays after Divorce

Whether you are looking forward to the holidays or not… HERE. THEY. COME. When you are divorced, the holidays can be bittersweet for a lot of reasons. The approach of the holidays may be bringing up all those familiar “SHOULDS”: “We should still be a family” “The kids shouldn’t have to split their holidays between us” “We should all be...[ read more ]

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